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15.11.2007 - 18:32:10     Royden    
Hier das Statement der Hopeless Band: "Lately, there have been a lot of rumors about Royden breaking up. Well.. it is true. After 4 years of being a band we have decided to part our seperate ways with Hopeless Records and each other. There has been internal band troubles and troubles with the band and the release of our CD from Hopeless Records... mehr »

ROYDEN - erster Song vom neuen Longplayer online

20.12.2006 - 23:17:07     Royden    
Hopeless Records Act ROYDEN hat den ersten Song des anstehenden Longplayers online gestellt. \"Villains and Scoundrels\" findet ihr auf der Myspace Seite der Band. Das Album \"In the House of Attics\" erscheint im Frühjahr... mehr »