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17.12.2005 - 13:55:34     Straylight Run    

We feel that the music makes enough of a statement regarding who we are, but sometimes other people feel the need to use all the marketing angles they can gather. Which is fine, I understand how people can think like that. It just doesn’t really reflect the opinion of the band very well.

Interview mit Straylight Run

01.01.1998 - 00:00:00     Straylight Run    

We wanted a name that didn\'t sound like any other band name. We also wanted a name that didn\'t bring with it any pre conceived notions of what our band would sound like.

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STRAYLIGHT RUN - Indefinite Hiatus

16.02.2010 - 20:04:11     Straylight Run    
Eine traurige Nachricht. STRAYLIGHT RUN haben verkündet, dass sie auf unbestimmte Zeit pausieren. Hier ihr Statement: Dear friends and fans of Straylight Run, We are very sad to announce to you that we will be going on an indefinite hiatus. We call it a hiatus and not a break up because the band still enjoys working together and is open to the... mehr »

STRAYLIGHT RUN - Neuer Song online

11.05.2009 - 08:29:09     Straylight Run    
STRAYLIGHT RUN haben mit "Don't Count Me Out" einen neuen Song online gestellt. Ihr findet ihn... mehr »

STRAYLIGHT RUN - Michelle Nolan nimmt Auszeit

05.06.2008 - 08:00:14     Straylight Run    
Michelle Nolan nimmt sich eine Auszeit von STRAYLIGHT RUN. Sie erklärt: I wanted to let you know that after a lot of thought and discussion with the band, i have decided that i am going to take some time off from Straylight Run to work on a solo record. It was a difficult decision to make and please know that i have enjoyed all my time in... mehr »


22.12.2007 - 21:21:56     Straylight Run    
STRAYLIGHT RUNs John hat ein längeres Update gepostet: "Some of you may have noticed that I've not written much online lately. To be honest I've been too completely overwhelmed and beaten by what's been happening with our band for the past six months to say anything constructive or reasonable to you. But these days I feel that in some sense I'm... mehr »


09.12.2007 - 16:20:27     Straylight Run    
Universal haben offensichtlich STRAYLIGHT RUN gedroppt. Shaun kommentiert dies folgendermaßen: "So I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to say about this... Today I found out we were officially dropped from Universal Republic. I can't say I'm dissappointed though. We did everything in our power to avoid the horrible situation we were put into, but I... mehr »