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06.11.2006 - 02:09:21     The Lost Patrol Band    

Yeah…, but I mean Noise Conspiracy does really well in Europe but at the same time it’s not like I …I don’t take it for granted. You know I don’t like to expect so much like doing the new Noise Conspiracy record will sell thousand of copies and I mean even if we are doing really well it’s not like we are the biggest band on earth. It’s not like we sell a million records… I mean… we do well and I like that, but I’m just happy that anyone shows up to our shows. You know what I mean? It’s a privilege that people care about what I do, or what we do.

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02.10.2006 - 18:11:37     The Lost Patrol Band    
Das neue Album von Dennis Lyxzéns Nebenprojekt THE LOST PATROL BAND hört auf den Namen \"Automatic\" und erscheint via Burning Heart. Hier könnt ihr euch sowohl die beiden Albumtracks \"I Don\'t Understand\" und \"Automatic Kids\" anhören als auch das Video zu \"Automatic Kids\"... mehr »