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The Unseen - Leipzig - Conne Island (01.05.2009)

The Unseen - Berlin - Cortex Bühne (01.05.2009)

The Unseen - Berlin - Clash (30.04.2009)

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15.06.2006 - 22:01:40     The Unseen    

Well I think it [America] sucks, haha. I think it has for a long time and I don\'t think it will change for the better anytime soon. Don\'t get me wrong, we do live in a better place than a lot of others, but I don\'t think it\'s a great place to live. I try and distance myself from American culture and the population in general as much as I can. I think as a whole, humans are very greedy and selfish--most people will stab someone in the back to get ahead--it\'s the sad truth.

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The Unseen - Pix online

05.05.2009 - 13:10:27     The Unseen    
Eine Band, zwei Tage, drei Shows und viel viel Alkohol-das Ganze gibts hier in Bildern von Berlin und Leipzig: The Unseen - Berlin - Clash (30.04.2009) The Unseen - Berlin - Cortex Bühne (01.05.2009) The Unseen - Leipzig - Conne Island... mehr »


14.04.2009 - 08:07:54     The Unseen    
Hier die Dates: 14.04.2009: Saarbrücken - Garage Club 18.04.2009: Meerhout - Groezrock Festival (B) 19.04.2009: Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn (w/ Obstrusive) 26.04.2009: Hollabrunn - Schlachthof (A) 30.04.2009: Berlin - Clash (w/ Obtrusive + Penetrators) 01.05.2009: Leipzig - Conne Island   02.05.2009: Düsseldorf - Stone (w/ Obstrusive) 03.05.2009:... mehr »

THE UNSEEN - Neues Video

06.07.2007 - 08:10:12     The Unseen    
THE UNSEEN haben ein Video zu \"Break Away\" von ihrem neuen Album \"Internal Salvation\" abgedreht. Ihr findet es... mehr »

THE UNSEEN - Update von der Straße

28.06.2007 - 18:46:41     The Unseen    
Folgendes hat die Band zu sagen: \"hello well the drive is finally almost over we left boston sunday at noon and this morning i wake up at a flying j truck stop in cali not sure where i am except i know im 3 hours from burbank where we will be at 10 am to get our merch from machete for warped tour. this is gonna be short cuz im using some lame ass... mehr »

THE UNSEEN - Neuer Song online

07.06.2007 - 15:40:14     The Unseen    
Hellcat Records haben einen neuen THE UNSEEN Song vom anstehenden Album \"Internal Salvation\" online gestellt. Ihr findet den Song \"Break Away\" hier zum... mehr »