+44 arbeiten an neuem Album


PLUS 44 Frontmann Mark Hoppus hat folgendes Update veröffentlicht:

"For everyone like me who has been wondering what’s going on with the +44’s, here’s the deal. This whole time we’ve been continuing to write and demo ideas on our own. The only thing is we’ve been waiting for the label to fund the recording, and this just came through. I understand everyone wondering what’s the deal, and believe me a lot has happened that I haven’t posted the minutia of.

Do you like how I ended that last sentence in a preposition? In any case, all is good. We’re just guys writing songs. But we’re gonna flip it this time around. Now just for fun I’m going to really confuse the issue and go back to saying we’re recording an electronic album with me, Travis, and Carol. And we’re recording the album in Brazil.

But truthfully, thanks for the support and interest and know that we’re here working as always, and as always we’re creative people with a lot of ideas and energies. But nothing is closer to our hearts than recording our own music."