AIDEN negieren Trennungsgerüchte und äußern sich zu neuem Album


AIDEN haben sich in einem Update zu diversen Gerüchten geäußert. Lest selbst:

All is not lost, in fact it's only just begun.
Hello Darlings,

It is very difficult sometimes to sit down in front of a computer, stare at a blank page, and write something positive when your heart and mind are filled with an enormous amount of frustration, anger, and resentment. Pushing all that aside amidst a warning from your inner voice screaming just to say hello is, at times, a very arduous and daunting task. Scratch all of this bullshit. The time has come for change to occur. I am so tired of waiting for life to begin. Even though I've still got a mountain to climb before I can start, I'm willing to witness the change wash over me.

I want to clear the air on a few things.

1. Aiden is very much alive and NOT broken up. Yes we have been taking some time off. We have been spending our days with family and friends at home in a completely different environment from the world we have grown accustomed to living in over last few years. In fact we are on the cusp of recording our next full length, due out early 2011 on Victory records. Get Ready

2. Nick did not leave any of the bands he plays for. Not Aiden, nor William Control, and certainly not his new band Me vs Myself (He is the hardest working man in this industry, he is also a Zombie and will eat your face just for think that.)

3. Yes we still believe that music can save lives.

With that said. Thank you to those who have stood by through the ups and downs.

Watching the world change right before your very eyes is strangely thrilling, a little frightening, and almost hard to face, yet we fight on.

Earlier this year we had to cancel a UK/European tour on account of the other band we were coming with dropped out of the tour at the last second. We tried as hard as we could to salvage what remained, but in the end, we lost. Such is life. My grandmother used to say, "Well, you win some, and you lose some".

All is not lost, we have re-booked the UK portion of this tour and are headed over there at the end of November. (I'm sorry Europe you're going to have to wait just a little longer.)
Now this is where you come in, We need YOUR help, we are fucking skint, (Broke) and need to make some money to fly overseas. We are not asking for donations, we have merchandise to sell to help us get there. We have a temporary website that has a link to our new "Merch" store. This store is completely 100% run by the four of us. Go, visit the link buy some swag and help us achieve our goal of making enough money to buy plane tickets to England.