ANIMOSITY - Drummer wieder an Bord


Drummer Navene Koperweis, der sich Anfang des Jahres eine Auszeit nahm, ist nun wieder bei ANIMOSITY an Bord. Hier das Statement der Band:

"Some people may have noticed that on the last tour, we did not have Navene jamming with us. He was taking a well needed break from the band and we were fortunate to have Bret Batdorf step up to the daunting task of playing his parts. Considering the amount of time that being in this band takes away from our homelife and the toll that it takes on our general sanity, it was a healthy decision. We can't thank Brett enough for taking on such a challenge and making the last tours possible. However, we are happy to announce that Navene Le Muchine is back with the camp and we are beginning to write new material for a future release. Anyone coming to see Animosity at any future performance should expect the full experience, with the full band and a really fun time."