ANTHRAX über anstehende Tour und Album


ANTHRAX Drummer Charlie Benante hat folgende Nachricht auf der Website der Band hinterlassen:

"Well, hello. It's been a long time since I typed some words of wizdumb.

Have you heard? We're going on tour again. Yessireebabboo, The Hellbilly Deluxe (Rob Zombie) has asked us to be a part of his Educated road show, yee hay! We will be playing some strange places on this run; I sure hope Captain Spalding comes out. We will also be doing something that we've never ever done. Drum roll, please.


We will be playing the entire 'Among' album at select shows. I think this is our way of saying thanks to everyone who has been so loyal to us and following the reunited line up. We will also be doing a rendition of 'Reunited' by PEACHES & HERB. We will close the show with that opus... so excited about that.

Let's see what else is going on in Charlieland…

Saw TOOL last month — awesome. Saw [Mike] Portnoy's WHO tribute — awesome. Saw 'Deal Or No Deal' the other night — awesome. Saw the season finales of '24', 'Lost' and 'Reba' — awesome. My daughter said her first word the other day. She said — 'Bring back Bush.' Hahahah. Just kidding. She said, 'Joey rules.' Haha, just kidding again. She actually said, 'Acoo!' I don't know what that means, but I think in baby talk it means quite a bit. She says it all the time, when she's mad, happy or whenever? I love this kid, she cracks me up.

When will there be another ANTHRAX album? Good question. When will there be another HUSKER DU album? Ahhh, another good question. Stay tuned to VH1 for all the answers; they seem to know all about metal these days.

I watched the history of metal and thought they really needed my help with a lot of the details. Maybe next time?

But back to important stuff:

'W.C.F.Y.A.' ['We've Come For You All'] — that record meant so much to me and still does. It kills me that it didn't do in the U.S. what it did in Europe.

'Among the Living' — That record meant so much to me as well, it was a breakthrough record for us. Now if I could combine the two... hmmmmm.

Here's the thing: You could have the greatest record ever; if you don't have the money to promote it, your record will sell nothing. If you have a piece of shit with a shitload of money to promote it — BAM!!! Big hit, and that my friend is how it works. The labels are being fined big time for payola. Payola is when the record company pays off a radio station to spin their artist over and over again. It has worked so many times, just ask LIMP BIZKIT. We will never ever get the chance to share in the payola deal; we are not that type of band. My goal nowadays is to have our loyal followers stay with us and follow the journey. A record sold is a ticket sold, that's my philosophy. If the next record is anything like the last, you should be happy... I think?

See ya on tour. Break out your old t-shirts when you come, if we spot you with a vintage 'THRAX shirt we'll throw you a stick or pick."