AS WE FIGHT Studioreport


AS WE FIGHT befinden sich derzeit im Studio um ihr neues Album einzuspielen, das am 23. Oktober via Dockyard1/Goodlife Records erscheint.

Hier ein kurzer Report:

"Day 1
We picked up Jay infront of the Aage music store and drove to the studio, but first we went by Tue Madsens Antfarm studio to pick up som gear. 20 seconds after walking through the door, a coke is dropped on the floor... nice! After that nice entrance, we get to the studio. 2 minutes after we enter the door, Soren knocks over a huge bigass lamp and breaks into 30 pieces.. nice! We unpack the bus, set up the drums, had a few beers, and got one drumtrack done, and that was pretty much day one.. we took some pics and we´ll put ´em up in a few days...

Day 2
Things are going along pretty good, 3 drumtracks done today, so things are going pretty smooth.. nothing was broken today but we´re gonna stay for another 3 weeks so we still got time heh.. took some more pics, they will be up tomorrow after breakfast i think.. Gun, J, Soren, and not casper, got a fart competition going on, and Gun is winning...! The final winner of the olympic fart-o-rama will be announced tomorrow."