A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - Pfefferspray-Attacke während Konzert


Während des gestrigen Konzerts von A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS in Wolfenbüttel kam es zu einem unangenehmen Zwischenfall. Jemand sprühte im Moshpit mit Pfefferspray, so dass die Band ihr Set unterbrechen und 200 Gäste evakuiert werden mussten.

Das Statement der Band:

Yesterday CS Gas/ Pepper-spray attack during our set in Wolfenbüttel:

A BIG FUCK YOU to this guy, who sprayed CS gas during our set in Wolfenbuttel in the mospit in front of the stage. We have to stop the set and evacuated the room with about 200 people! After we ventilated the venue and talked to promoter we finished the show! Thank you so much for staying on this show till everything was safe again! If anybody knows WHO was this, please contact us or the promoter!

This show was nevertheless a blast and NO idiot can break us! If this was a Nazi dickhead after our anti nazi speech: FUCK YOU, we'll come back again and again!

Thanks everybody for this awesome singalonges and stage dives!!

We hope everybody ist well and have no problems with his health.

Please share to get infos about this guy, who did this! Thanks!


Alte Kommentare

von wien 07.03.2014 15:00

ganz großes denglisch!

von Tobe 16.03.2014 17:32

allerdings... trotzdem scheiss aktion