BLACK TONGUE - Lyrikvideo zu "L'appel Du Vide"



BLACK TONGUE veröffentlichen ihr neues Album 'The Unconquerable Dark' am 4. September via Century Media Records. Mit dem Lyrikvideo zu "L'appel Du Vide"steht unten bereits ein erster Eindruck online. Die Band zum Release:

"Our original mindset for 'Falsifier' and 'Born Hanged' was to create the most ridiculously crushing music around. We created the heaviest music because there just wasn't anything around at the time that was as heavy as we wanted to hear. We feel like we did a pretty good job. Now there's a plethora of bands that are taking the reigns of the heavy and we love it, but a new direction is in order. With The Unconquerable Dark we wanted to keep the slow, low and crushing vibe but add some maturity to it. More riffs, more memorable choruses and some juicy lead thrown in. Don't get us wrong, this is the heaviest thing we've ever released (and probably that you've ever heard), but we took the time to give it atmosphere and structure instead of being heavy for heavy's sake.


We spent a lot of time on this album mixing and mastering it ourselves so that we could get the closest representation of the heaviness that is in our minds. We didn't want to let someone else's polished and clean mix detract from the dimension-shattering sound that we strive to achieve. This is album is in our opinion the best thing we have released so far."


'The Unconquerable Dark'  Tracklisting:

  1. Plague Worship -  5.06
  2. In the Wake ov the Wolf  - 3.55
  3. Young Gloom - 5.33
  4. L'appel du Vide - 3.42
  5. Vermintide (ft Eddie Hermida) - 6.38
  6. Prince of Ash - 5.18
  7. The Masquerade - 5.33
  8. A Pale Procession ii: Death March - 4.41
  9. I'm so Tired of Sighing. Please Lord, Let It Be Night - 5.18