BLEEDING THROUGH haben sich im Headbangers Blog ziemlich kritisch über ihre Labelheimat Trustkill Records ausfgelassen,. Lest selbst:

"Now we have a new album finished that we are very proud of and he wants to squeeze our fans and our band by throwing out an unapproved “special” edition in a fast and overt attempt to pay some bills.

Trustkill no longer employs his sales guy, his art director or his publicist. “Trustkill” is now Josh and one employee in his basement, as far as we can tell. We have kept silent about the fact that we made our new album with a loan from our singer’s dad, a loan from our management and less than 25% of our recording fund from Trustkill. They breached our contract (not for the first time) on March 31st, 2008 when we hit the studio without proper funding and have failed to cure the breach."

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von marian 09.06.2008 16:19

trust kill macht nur noch mist

von John Fire 10.06.2008 15:09

Ein Lied auf dem neuen Album heißt Germany? Na da bin ich mal auf den Text gespannt^^