Eben haben BRAIN DRILL noch mit "Apocalyptic Feasting" ein starkes Brutal-Death-Album über Metal Blade Records veröffentlicht, nun sind sie bereits Geschichte. Aber lest selber:



3 of the 4 members of brain drill being steve, marco and jeff all have huge weed smoking habbits if you hadn’t already noticed. I dylan do not and couln’t be more aggainst smoking weed i don’t have a problem if you do it but just be smart about it. Before we left for this tour with the black dahlia murder and animosity I told them a million times not to bring weed, pipes or papers with them in the van because we are literally driving across the country and the last thing we need is to get pulled over and arrested for posession of marijuana. The laws in california are nothing compared to the laws in other states. And of course they don’t listen to a word i say and go ahead and bring pipes weed, papers and jeff even brought an ounce of mushrooms. Sure enough we get pulled over rite outside of salt lake city utah. Emediatley after the 3 of them had just smoked a blunt. So needless to say the car completely smelled like weed. So the cop comes up to the window and the first thing he says is " i smell pot", so sure enough they take us out of the car and they completely search the entire van. They tear everyhting apart and even use a k-9 dog to sniff out everything. Sure enough they find all of marco steve and jeffs weed, they find 6 pipes and they even find jeffs ounce of mushrooms. At that point i was convinced that we were going to jail but for whatever reason they let us go. After we pulled away i (dylan) told them " from now on the rule of the band is to not ever bring weed pipes or other illegal drugs into the van and also not to smoke inside the van" jeffs response was " i don’t think thats gonna happen bro" so sure enough they neglected to listen to me and the next day there was more weed pipes and smoking accessories in the van. So we then get pulled over another 4 times before we make it to our first show. Miracualously we didn’t get searched again. SO we play the tour with bdm and we had an awesome time. Our last show was supposed to be in buffalo new york. Keep in mind they all still have weed and pipes in the van. I (dylan) had bought a huge stockpile of firecrackers which are 100% legal in south carolina so i was not 100% innocent but alot less innocent then the 3 of them. So we start driving and soon we see a sign for canada, I asked everyone it looks llike we are headed for canada are you guys sure we shouldn’t stop and turn around??? jeffs response was " no it would say it on the gps if we were headed there" i even took a wrong turn and as we were looking for the freeway i asked again "are you sure we are going the rite way?? the sign says canada strate ahead" no one answered me so i continued to drive. Sure enough we get to the canadian border after i had said i have a feeling we are going to canada. Sure enough they ask us for our passports i said we only have our id’s. We show the guy our id’s he then writes us a ticket and makes us pull over to the side. The guy said " since you guys don’t have passports we are going to have to search yuor vehicle". sure enough they find marco jeff’s and steves weed. They find steves knife and jeff’s knife and they find my firecrackers.For whatever reason steve and jeff start to flip out on the border patrol cops and start cursing and saying "this is bullshit, this is the first and last time i’m ever coming to canada" etc. The cops asked " why are you guys making this such a big deal??" they responded "because this is bullshit" etc. The cop then responded " well since you think it’s bullshit we are now going to give all of you FULL BODY CAVITY SEARCHES". So I was the first one to get searched. They completely stripped me naked had me lift my ballsack up so they could check underneath it, and then they had me bend over and spread my asscheaks apart so they could look inside my asshole. After they finished searching all of us needless to say we were never going to make it to the buffalo show in time. All of this shit could have been prevented if they had just listened to me when i said dont bring weed and pipes in the van. Also keep in mind they let me keep my firecrackers and told me rite before they searched me" THE REASON WE ARE SEARCHING YOU IS BECAUSE WE FOUND WEED IN JEFFS VAN" they said nothing about the firecrackers other then you can keep your firecrackers and go back to the us or we can keep them and you can conitnue through canada but by that time we were never going to make it to the show in buffalo regaurdless of which way we went. I had done nothing wrong but becuase people in the van didn’t listen to me i was stripped naked and had to go through the most humiliatiing experience of my life.So rite after that happened i took my cut of the money which was $1,000 dolars out of the $5,000 we had made. I told everyone there" I am taking my cut of the money before anything else happens" of course no one responded. Since we couldn’t make it to that show we figured we would just drive to tinley park and the canadian even let me keep my firecrackers becuase they didn’t care about them. At this point i am so mad i thought to myself " i can either beet the shit out of all of them , scream my head off at them or just keep calm and quiet". I figured i would be mature and keep quiet. After we checked into the hotel room they told me " we are going to the promoters house" they didn’t say they were going to go set up and get ready for the show they just said "we are going to the promoters house" So i sat there and waited and thought, " i can either take more risks and stay with them in the van and risk getting pulled over again and sent to jail again, or i can take a plane home safe and sound.. My phone had died so i figured they were going to just come pick me up at the hotel when it was time to play the show. Sure enough several hours go by and finally by 1:am they show up to the room grab there stuff hop into the van and drive off. They had completelty desserted me in chicago with no way of getting home. I was lucky enough to stop them so i could get a small amount of cash so that i could atleast take a taxi to the airport they asked me if i wanted to come with them but I didn’t want to risk getting pulled over and cavity searched again so I said I’ll leave. If i didn’t run up to the van they were going to dessert me anyway so what is the point of staying in a van with a bunch of people who betrayed and hate you?? It was a 309 dolar flight one way from chicago back to san jose california but i had no choice. So after all of this happend none of them bother to apolagize even once the entire trip after i had warned them several times about the consequences of keeping weed in the van and none of them listened. I am sorry but being stripped naked and having your scrotum and butthole spread open for doing nothing wrong is where i draw the line. The ironic thing is that all of them acted like it was my fault that all of that shit happened. So after they all got home i told them " i am willing to talk if you guys have something to say" no one replied , so i said " then are you guys done??" and they said " yes" so as of now I am the only one left in brain drill. Keep in mind THEY DECIDED TO LEAVE not me, and I didn’t fire any of them. I hope to some day atleast do one last recording but for now its all over.


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von Bumsgeburt 20.03.2008 15:22

omfg. album is so geil und schon sind se weg lol

von man... 20.03.2008 15:29

...meine Fresse! Ja, heutzutage ist das schon ein übles "Kommen und Gehen" an Bands! ...irgendwie macht es keinen Bock!

von ffaw 21.03.2008 01:19


von oO 21.03.2008 12:17

Was für Idioten... Schade, hoffentlich wird aus dem übriggebliebenem noch was.

von myspace I 21.03.2008 14:15

"ATTENTION BRAINDRILL FANS: DYLAN IS FULL OF SHIT. I WAS IN THE BRAINDRILL VAN WHEN THIS ALL WENT DOWN. Yes the band got strip searched, but how many of us would give anything to be in braindrill and be on tour. Dylan completely stopped talking to the rest of braindrill (marco, jeff & steve) The reason they got in shit at the border was because of DYLANS fireworks. Dylan refused to play the last shows booked, and Jeff Marco and Steve played in chicago with no guitar player. Because they care about the fans. dont buy this bull shit. -jesse"

von myspace II - Basser Antwort 21.03.2008 14:16

Well Dylan you left out many facts in this attack on us. The fact that at the border I was totally respectful to the officers and took full responsibility for the seeds that were in the ash tray which is all we had on us, also you had a big bag of illegal fireworks and that was not allowed in Canada. They did not arrest us or give any citation, we probably would have made it to Buffalo just in time to play if you had just given up your fireworks but you wanted to keep them and go back to the US. You then took $1000 dollars right there at the Canadian border and would not talk to us. Over 24 hours later I tried to ask if you were going to play the show in Tinley Park, if you just wanted to go home or what you wanted to do. You would not respond, so we left to go to the promoter’s house. You then texted Steve that you would not be playing the next two nights because we had weed in the van, which we didn't. And you might not know it but we found your piece of paper on the desk with the number for Amtrak. Finding that, you not talking to us, then texting us saying you would not play what the fuck were we to think. We played the show in Tinley Park with out you because you said you wouldn't play. We talked to many cool people that had driven 2 hours just to see us play. We did our best and they appreciated it. We then went back to the hotel to get our things and spend the night at the promoter’s house. Again you ignored us refusing to talk to anyone until we began to drive away. You came out to the Van drunk and kept saying "you guys are leaving me'. I asked you to get in the van and come with us 4 times. You wouldn't so we gave you an extra $200.00 to help out with the plane even though you had already taken $1000.00. Shit happens Dylan. People should know the truth. By the way it's my van not the bands... Eintrag von Jeff Hughell von 19 Mrz 2008, 22:12

von Link 21.03.2008 14:19

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