BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Frontmann Matt Tuck bemüht sich darum die Situation klarzustellen, nachdem man abrupt aus der US Tour mit ROB ZOMBIE geflogen ist. Zuvor hatte sich Tuck auf dem offiziellen Message Board der Band negativ zu den Tourbedingungen geäußert. U.a. betitelte man die Headliner als "money-grabbing fucks" bei T-Shirt Preisen von $40, wozu die Support Band ebenfalls verpflichtet wurde.

"As I write this, I'm sitting on the fuckin' floor of the venue 'coz we don't have a dressing room again, 'coz fuckin' Zombie takes them all for him, his band and crew,…" heißt es ebenfalls

"Basically, we are shit to him, but fuck it — if this is what it takes to get a name over here, then it's gotta be done. I'm not one to fuck around with words, so yes, we are not being treated well on this tour. Oh yeah, we don't get a soundcheck either. Fuckin' pissed at this tour, man."

Wenig spatter relativierte man den Eintrag mit "I was really out of it this morning and let shit on the road fuck with my hung-over head. I'm truly sorry if any of my comments about this tour were out of line and totally exaggerated. This is our first real tour in the States and with lots of personal shit happening to me from home I just lost it. We really have been totally fuckin' thrilled to have the chance to play on this tour and are grateful for every new fan we make. It means everything to us to be able to play our shit for new fans. I'm really sorry to have offended anyone and look forward to putting this behind and getting back to the metal."

In einem neuen Interview mit Attack (Channel 27) mit Tuck und Drummer “Moose”, welches am 07.06 ausgestrahlt wurde gab man folgendes Statement:

"People who have never been in a professional band before and toured for months and months, they don't understand how stressful it can be." So Tuck

"I just had a really bad fucking day. We're not used to… 'Cause of what we are in Europe, U.K. and Japan and stuff, we usually do our own shit, so we're not used to really being told what we can and can't do to such an extent. But really the thing that pissed us off was… No disrespect to ROB ZOMBIE or his band or anything; I wish I hadn't said anything, but I just had a bad day. But basically, we did 17 shows in total with him before we left the tour, and that doesn't include days off and stuff in between, and not once did he say a 'Hello' to me, the guys, our crew, anybody… And that pissed me off. That was total fucking disrespect." […]

"And the reason why I put it up on the board… It's our fuckin' board and I thought I had the right to speak — freedom of speech on my board. And it just pissed me off when people were coming on our message board saying, 'Why are your fucking t-shirt prices so high?' 'You fucking need to turn up. You're too quiet. I couldn't hear you.' I was like, 'Well, this is the deal, bro.' And I just wrote it..."