BURN AFTER ME - neues Album im September


Der Nachfolger zum BURN AFTER ME-Debut “Ascent” ist fuer September 2016 geplant. Das Album wurde von Simone Mularoni in den Domination Studios produziert und dreht sich inhaltlich um die Oper "La Divina Commedia" von Dante Alighieri. Die Band zum Release:

“The new album is a path from damnation to bliss through the three otherworldly realms. It's a concept album inspired and based on "La Divina Commedia" by Dante Alighieri, you'll feel a gradual transition of this journey more and more in every song to finally reach the complete redemption. We have drawn inspiration from this work because, although it's very ancient, it fully reflects the current contexts of the human being, and we believe that this must be a valid reason of reflection for everyone. It has also been entirely composed drawing inspiration from the rules and ways with whom the opera has been written concerning rhythmic subdivisions, music mood, lyrics language and voice types (all different for each realm) to portray at best every part of the trip. About the Rhythmic Subdivision: Hell (thirty-second notes, sextuplets, quintuplets and sixteenth notes only), Purgatory (eighth, triplets and quarter notes only), Heaven (couplings of two, three and four quarters notes, bulleted quarter of triplets only). We can't deny that it was really a big challenge for us to work in this kind of mood we had never approached but it was really very exciting. We’re sure the new release will mark a deep route change if compared to our old material. No more tag, no more cliches and no more dogmas imposed by genres and sub-genres. Just music, ours. We can say it’ll be much more ‘metal’ and less ‘core’”.