CAÏNA - Arbeiten an neuem Album


CAÏNA arbeiten an dem Nachfolger zu "Mourner". Dazu die Band:

"Work on the next album continues apace — I'd estimate that I'm about 65% done. I can confidently say that it's easily going to be the best CAÏNA material to date, including the EPs that come out before it (not that they're shite, or anything though, haha).

"Speaking of which, my track for the split with Portuegese kings of doom PROCESS OF GUILT is coming along nicely, although I'm late with it (sorry guys!). It's due out on 10" vinyl format through Major Label Industries very soon, and if you liked 'The Heart of the Master', then you'll hopefully like this, as it returns to some of the musical themes explored on that release, but ups the ante considerably. I'm currently mixing the main instrument tracks in preparation for the vocal recording, and hope to have it finished next week. PROCESS OF GUILT will be presenting you with a THIS EMPTY FLOW (cult '90s Finnish shoegaze act from the people who brought you THERGOTHON) cover on their side.

"I'll also be re-mixing my track for the KRIEG 7" soon, and I'm very excited to hear what Imperial has come up with. This release should be seeing the light in the next three months."