CAN'T SWIM - neuer Song online


Mit "Come Home" stellen CAN'T SWIM aus New Jersey einen neuen Song ihrer EP "Death Deserves A Name" vor, die am 26. Februar via Pure Noise erscheint.

Chris “Krier” Loporto, Frontmann der Poppunkband zum Track:

"'Come Home' came together pretty quickly. Originally, the chorus was much slower with a half-time rhythm, but I couldn't quite put the whole song together. Once I sent the demo to Danny (drummer/producer) he suggested that we speed it up. The energetic pace completely changed the song and that pushed me to write a verse and bridge to match the intensity”.

"Death Deserves A Name" Tracklist:
01 Your Clothes
02 Way It Was
03 Right Choice
04 Come Home
05 Death Deserves A Name