CASPIAN - EP im November


CASPIAN werden am 8. November mit ""Hymn For The Greatest Generation" eine 6-Song-EP veröffentlichen, die die Band wie folgt beschreibt:

"Hymn for The Greatest Generation" is, in many ways, an epilogue to the story that Waking Season presented a year ago. A companion piece that functions as both a final word and a re-affirmation of purpose for the music of Caspian. Un-apologetically intentional string arrangements merged with the simplicity of the bands signature emotional songwriting, "Hymn..." forges into fresh territory while retaining narrative elements that people have come to know as vintage Caspian. "The Heart That Fed" uses elements of fan contributions in the form of original music box melodies and reimagines them into a darker, reflective and more ponderous original composition. Rather than using these submissions as direct source material, the band treats them more as artifacts - dug up, repurposed and refashioned to enable the creation of an original piece that bleeds intensity and heart."

HIER gibt es einen ersten Höreindruck.

CASPIAN (Support für HIM)

10.10.2013: Aachen - Musikbunker Aachen (solo show)
11.10.2013: Leipzig - Haus Auensee
13.10.2013: AT-Wien - Gasometer
16.10.2013: CH-Zürich - Komplex 457
17.10.2013: München - Kesselhaus
18.10.2013: Köln - E-Werk