CATARACT Studio Update


Folgendes hat die Band zu verkünden:
"A sunny but freezing hello from Denmark to all metalheads worldwide!!! This is the fourth day of sweating, hitting, crunching, tuning, cracking, thrashing and swearing care of cataracts latest mission - recording the follow up to "with triumph comes loss" in Tue Madsen's Antfarm Studios. We're progressing amazingly well so far, all drum tracks have been pounded into bits during the first three days of this session. today we gave those tracks the final check to set everything on GO for guitars, bass and vocals;

and let us tell you, the drum sound will be huge! We also used time to work on the guitar sound, recorded some bits here and there to see what it sounds like. Working with Tue - once again - is fantastic and very productive, even though he's giving us a hard time and loads of "you can do this better" during the process. we were kinda surprised about how much he has incorporated into our demo recordings, giving us loads of ideas and alternative views on what we will do during the recordings. we can be sure that he, as much as we do, wants this album to be the best and most brutal cataract album ever. and we can tell you, we're on the right road to that.

We'll get back to ya - we want to watch some metallica dvd's now!”