Hier das Update der Jungs:

“We’ve had a very successful three weeks on the hell on earth tour passing England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Danmark and fo course the center of the world, Switzerland. We’ll be finishing the tour report soon so you can check out where we’ve been rocking out.

We want to thank all the people who made this trip so f’ing amazing for us, most of all Schlumpf “der Kassierer” and MAD for making it happen, all our drivers (we stopped counting at five), AK, our drinking buddies in Heaven Shall Burn including Benny and Maroon plus Pappe, Narziss, God Forbid, Purified in Blood (Manowar form Norway) and our French compagnons from Perfect Murder – très bien. All hail to the local promoters for making it all possible and once again the people coming to the shows, especially the crowd at Kofmehl Solothurn for making it one of our best shows ever!

Some other news:
We have some new merch which should also be uploaded soon, plus there will be various new designs made by Imperial Clothing. We will also upload some more pictures soonish.

We also started booking shows for 2007, first date confirmed is the Rock Hard Festival where we will play Friday with Heaven Shall Burn, Grave Digger and Amon Amarth. We’re working on a trip to southern Europe, plus on a headlining tour next year.

We’re not going on the X-Mass tour as you might have catched, this is final. We’re sorry about this and thank all the people who sent emails and phoned in – we will make sure we come by soon, especially to Paris.

Finally we will be presenting the X-Mas Mosh on the 22nd of december with Kingshot, besides us Soul Demise, Dark Day Dungeon, Vale Tudo and Taste of Tears will be entering the stage of the Galvanik in Zug."