CBGB zieht nach Los Vegas um


Nach monatelangem Streit zwischen dem Clubbesitzer Hilly Cristel und dem Gebäudebesitzer musste das CBGB in New York die Segel streichen. Mitunter zu hohe Mieten sind ein Grund, dass der Club keinen Standortwechsel in New York vornehmen kann. So zieht das Home Of Underground Rock jetzt nach Las Vegas um.
Hier ein Statement von Hilly Cristal:

"We want to take a lot of this stuff with us, and I think we're going to move to Las Vegas... I have some developers who have some really great space in the downtown area. So, I'd say sometime in spring we'll be in Las Vegas. It's a big undertaking, and these developers are putting the money into it, and I want to make sure that, for my benefit and theirs, we make this work...

I don't have any choice... I have been looking for space in New York and the rent's $125,000 a month on Broadway... [The Vegas CBGB] won't be the same size or the same shape, but I am going to have all the things that matter there. I am taking the bars with me, I am taking the stage — I'm taking the urinal that Joey [Ramone] pissed in with me. I'm going to take a lot of things — anything that makes this place CBGB... I'll make it CBGB, and even more so. I think we can do better, starting in a new place, where the city's for it. It's more important to try to keep things going and moving up."