CHOEED AND CAMBRIA - Zugänglicher?


Einem Artikel zufolge, hat Claudio Sanchez verlauten lassen, dass das neue COHEED AND CAMBRIA-Album "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow" das am zugänglichste geschriebene Album in der jungen Bandgeschichte ist. Hier die simple Erklärung von Frontmann Claudio Sanchez:

"That's really why we named the new album 'No Word For Tomorrow,'t has its place in the concept, but for a moment there Travis (Stever, guitarist) and myself felt that this band wasn't going to move forward due to losing half of us. There was a moment of doubt. [...) That wasn't a conscious decision on the band's part, but when I listen to it, yeah, it feels that way, There was certainly a moment for me where I was a little concerned, like 'Oh my God -- this is the record we wrote?' It kind of caught me by surprise."

Das neue Album wird am 23.10.2007 erscheinen.