COBRA STARSHIP - Gabe Saporta entschuldigt sich für Auftritt bei Conan


Gabe Saporta von COBRA STARSHIP hat sich in seinem Blog für den Auftritt bei Conan entschuldigt:

"i dont always suck at singing ...only when i’m on national TV. i felt much better about myself after watching this vid from when we dropped by the purevolume studios earlier this year. but seriously, conan was a blast. nerve-wrackin, but a blast. my dad was in the audience and kept calling me that day to tell me how amazing it was. then he called me the next day after watching tv and said (insert thick Uruguayan accent), "you know, gabriel, i not know what eet ees--maybe is beecause dee sound does not come right thru thee television, but the show deed no do justice to how grait it reely was meng. "

i told my dad that it’s cool because every band sounds like shit on conan. but the truth is that i was nervous as shit. and ryland’s amp broke right at the end of soundcheck. they got us a new amp during taping, and told us we could have a few minutes to check it during commerical. but then, we got on stage and they’re like "you’re on in 5, 4, 3, - GO!" As if we weren’t nervous enough! what fucked me the most is that Ryland usually gives me the first chord before the song starts so i can hear the pitch. but we didn’t get to do that and i came in blind and went sharp. on top of that , playing conan isnt like playing Kimmel, where you have a real audience standing just a few feet from you. here the cameras were all in front of us and there were people sitting in the studio like 200 hundred feet away. just sitting. not moving. so surreal. felt like we were in a fish tank. ... if it sounded like i was screaming a lot, its because i was. that just happens sometimes i’m nervous. some people poop their pants; i get really loud.

i could go on, but these are all things that i’ve thought of after the fact, and really just to make myself feel better about doing a shitty job singing.

the truth is, i was just so psyched to finally play on conan and to just be there that i didn’t give a shit about anything but rockin out. which is why we looked so damn good... which at the end of the day is WAYYY more important than singing ;)

thanks to anyone who got our backs on the boards. every band is allowed to blow it from time to time. at least when we blow it, we still look sweet.

speaking of looking sweet, i gotta get some beauty rest--i got prom tomorrow!