COMMUNIC - Die Arbeit am neuen Album ist beendet


Gitarrist/Sänger Oddleif Stensland von COMMUNIC hat zum Status des neuen Albums dieses Statement losgelassen:

"Finally, the mixing of the new album is done, and the master has been sent to our record company Nuclear Blast. Hopefully they will like what we have been working on, 'cause they have not a single clue on what this album contains, as they have not previewed any demos or anything prior to entering the studio, until the master drops on their office table. But we have tons of confident and this is some of the most insane work we have ever done. The guitar and drums sounds fantastic, and Tor-Atle [Andersen] is playing his best stuff ever, Erik's [Mortensen] bass lines are more in your face than it has been before and my vocals has never been as varied as this before. We have no clue on what you guys out there will think of this new material, or what the magazines will have to say about it, but we know it will be hard to top the reviews and sound check positions from 'Waves of Visual Decay', because they where so raving all over, so it will be exiting to follow the coming months of promotion. We have also received a preview of the album artwork and it is simply amazing, and fits the theme and atmosphere that this album withholds, it will be shown here as soon as we are able to release it, along with the title of the album and the complete track list.

"I have said earlier that the album would contain shorter songs but I guess that was a tiny lie, as most of the songs clocks in over 8 minutes. One on 7, one over 9, while two on 6. Well, that's COMMUNIC, I guess!!!!"