COPELAND - Raritäten-Album angekündigt


COPELAND haben ein Album angekündigt, dass auf zwei CDs allerlei Raritäten und B-Seiten der Bandgeschichte enthalten soll. Das Album wird den Titel "Dressed Up and In Line" tragen und am 27.11.2007 in den USA via The Militia Group veröffentlicht werden.

Hier ein kurzes Statement der Band zu der Raritäten-Sammlung:

"We're taking rare and unreleased recordings from the last 7 years and revisiting the original tracks. All of them are going to be re-mixed and re-mastered. Many of them are going to be updated a bit with added strings, vocals, keys, and guitars. Some will be altered more than others. The goal is to have a cohesive album that can be listened to as a whole, rather than just a hodgepodge of songs (can you use the word "hodgepodge" in an official press release? I don't know...but I did...twice)."