CYNIC - Arbeiten an einem neuem Album


Das ich das noch mal erleben darf: CYNIC werden doch noch ein neues Album auf den Markt schleudern! Das Debüt der Band aus Florida (und ihr bisher einziges Werk) "Focus" stammt aus 1993. Lest dazu eine Pressemitteilung:

Quality technical metal connoisseurs and open-minded music-lovers in general will be delighted to hear that Florida's legendary Cynic have returned to creative power after a successful European reunion tour in the Summer of 2007 and will soon be recording a new album, their second after 1993's genre-shattering "Focus" debut.

Cynic founding members Paul Masvidal (guitars/vocals) and Sean Reinert (drums), who both gained reputation and praise while performing alongside Chuck Schuldiner and Death in the recording and touring line-up for the milestone album "Human," are currently in Sanford, Florida, working on the mix for three new demo tracks together with producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder, Devildriver, etc.) at his own Audiohammer Studios. The three new tracks are entitled "Integral Birth," "Evolutionary Sleeper" and "Adam's Murmur" but Masvidal and Reinert have already written a full album's worth of new material and the band will use the demo to begin talks with record companies about a 2008 release.

Masvidal comments, "I'm amazed that we're here again, and that is a testament to the unpredictable beauty of the creative process. We received so much inspiration during last summer's reunion tour that a flood of new material has since poured out of us. There must be a default metal root in us from childhood that insists on being watered and loved, so we're just trying to keep up with ourselves—the Cynic sirens are screaming inside and won't let up! Our policy has always been about surrendering to what feels most organic and staying in the flow. To put it mildly, this last year has been a creatively abundant and productive period. We're intoxicated about now and the future."

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von man... 19.01.2008 16:31

...das wird der Hit. Den neuen Song den sie schon live gespielt haben, war bereits der Hammer!