DEADLOCK arbeiten an neuem Album


Nach ihrem erfolgreichen Lifeforce Records Debut "Earth.Revolt" arbeiten Deadlock an einem neuen Album. Hier die Band dazu:
After their critically highly acclaimed and successful Lifeforce Records debut "Earth.Revolt" DEADLOCK have started the works on the yet-untitled follow-up to be released in spring 2007. Below you can find a statement and news from the band:

After a very busy and successful first half of 2006, we´re now taking a little break to work on the last songs for our new album. We already finished songwriting for 8 songs and it´s time to herald the final stage, so that we´re ready for recording as soon as possible. We plan to complete 11 tracks for the album and maybe the one or other surprise/bonus.

The new songs really rock our asses and we´re sure to write the best DL-album so far. We will continue the path that we started with our first album "the arrival" in 2002.You can expect the next step of virtous keyboard overkills, bombastic orchestral stuff and fast Lead-attacks.

Furthermore there will be many novelties to announce from time to time.

We´ll keep you updated, as soon as our studio time is scheduled or if there will be any things we want you to know. So stay tuned, enjoy the summer and have a good time at the festivals!