DECREPIT BIRTH - Jetzt bei Nuclear Blast


Nuclear Blast Records haben die technischen Todesschwadrone DECREPIT BIRTH unter Vertrag genommen. Bisher hat die Band 2 Alben im Backkatalog ("…And Time Begins" (2003) und "Diminishing Between Worlds" (2008)). Zum Signing die Band:

"Nuclear Blast Records has a special tradition for signing some of the best metal acts of all time, including DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, TESTAMENT and EXODUS, just to name a few. We feel very lucky and honored to be a part of the family! Our intention is to take the music to the next level and continue to release quality progressive death metal. We are confident to have Nuclear Blast Records in our corner! We also want to thank Unique Leader Records very much for the years of dedication to DECREPIT BIRTH. After we complete more touring in support of the current release, we will begin pre-production for the next album."

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von fag 14.05.2008 20:51

heil satan \m/