DEFEATER - Musikvideo im LEGO-Stil


Eine Hardcoreshow im LEGO-Stil. Geht nicht? Geht doch! Anbei das vielleicht humorvollste Musikvideo aus dem Jahr 2011, inclusive Musikvideo zum Song "LEGO -Let's Go"

"Jay Maas (member of Defeater and engineer for Bane, Verse, Shipwreck, etc.) was commissioned by Lego to create a Lego-centric hardcore song, for which he recruited Chris Wrenn (owner of Bridge Nine Records) to do vocals. Maas played all the music on the song that was penned by Toby Dutkiewicz (brother of Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswicth Engage) who also happens to work at Lego as a Art Director. Lego then created a stop-motion animation live video, set to the song and made entirely of their toy pieces."