DEVILDRIVER - Coverartwork gepostet


Das Cover des neuen DEVILDRIVER Albums "Pray For Villains" ist online. Dazu Dez Fafara:

"The 'Pray For Villains' artwork is based on the title track on the record. The chorus goes, 'They pray for villains when their heroes let them down.'

"The concept of the villain saving the day — when all else fails, you turn your eyes towards the badass that gets the job done. Not the clean-cut guy — often big-talking, slowacting, lacking in spirit and conviction!

"I needed something graphic to tie into the hero/villain idea.

"I, personally, have been collecting owls for some time and the owl in many different cultures is seen as both the hero and villain. In Ireland, an owl that enters a house must be killed at once, for if it flies away it will takes the luck of the house with it.
In Australia, aborigines believe bats represent the souls of men and owls the souls of woman. Owls are therefore sacred in their culture because your sister is an owl and the owl is your sister. For the Aztecs, one of their evil gods wore a screech owl on his head and in the Celtic culture, the owl is the sign of the underworld. So, the owl was the obvious choice as I wanted to feel as connected to the artwork as I do to the music and also give DEVILDRIVER another icon to work with and even further define us a band!"

"Pray For Villains" soll Ende Juli 2009 erscheinen.