DEW-SCENTED - Fernsehstars


Die deutschen Thrasher DEW-SCENTED sind in der RTL-Show "Einer gegen Hundert" aufgetreten. Die Folgen mit der Band werden zwischen dem 30. Juni und dem 8. Juli um 17 Uhr ausgestrahlt. Mehr kommt von der Band:

"We ended up being part of a quiz show with the whole band on national TV here in Germany. We were 'special' guests with the full band at the RTL daily quiz show 'Einer gegen Hundert' (Translates to '1 vs. 100') and had a fun ride trying to answer tons of questions the right way, hehe. Our appearance(s) as special audience candidates (no, we aren't performing music there, we are 'metalhead guests'…) will be broadcasted between Monday, June 30th and Tuesday, July 8th on RTL at 5 p.m. Check it out if you are from Germany or have access to this channel!"