DIE YOUNG - Probleme in Kanada


DIE YOUNG haben ein paar Probleme während ihrer Kanada-Tour. Lest selber:

"We were unloading the van in Vancouver on Tuesday night when some cops approached us and told us they knew we had stayed in Canada much longer than we had clearance for. In a matter of minutes a another cop in a paddywagon arrived, and two immigration officers showed up. We got whisked off in handcuffs for a long night of several different holding cells, and then we got delivered back to the US border Wednesday morning in handcuffs and shackles. It was fucked up to say the least, but there's little else to do but laugh at ourselves in a situation like that. Once again, we have been banned from Canada for another year. Shit happens, but atleast we made 12 out of the 14 shows in Canada we had booked, and they were totally worth it. Thanks to everyone for their support. We apologize to our friends in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. It looks like we will miss you again this year. To our friends in the states, do not worry, we're still making all our upcoming shows."