DIVINE HERSEY arbeiten an neuem Album


DIVINE HERSEY arbeiten derzeit an ihrem ersten Release mit Travis Neal am Mic. Ein Studioaufenthalt mit dem Produzententeam Dirty Icon (Logan Mader und Lucas Banker) ist für Februar geplant.

Dino Cazares kommentiert: "With Neal now having a few shows under his belt, his confidence is coming across through the new material. The songwriting process has been great and the ideas are constantly flowing. Collaborating with Tim Yeung, Joe Payne and Neal, all together hashing out ideas in the practice space has been very therapeutic and enjoyable. We all have a collective desire to take our performances to the next level with this release to undoubtedly prove that we are one of the most devastating bands in the scene today. Prepare to be annihilated and stay tuned to our MySpace page for studio reports and new video footage."