AS WE FIGHT und THE PSYKE PROJECT werden unter dem Banner EBOLA am 21.03.2011 ein Split-Album veröffentlichen. Nachzulesen hier:

Throughout the past 10 years AS WE FIGHT and THE PSYKE PROJECT have put Denmark on the map with their energetic hardcore metal. Both bands are born from the same scene, share the same love for music and both are driven by the hard work of running a band. It has been a total of 7 albums, hundreds of concerts and international acclaim from critics and fans.

Now it is time for the Danish enfant terrible of metal to come together and jointly release a 2 x EP in the form of a full length split release.

This type of release has not been seen before on the Danish metal scene, thus becoming the first of its kind in Denmark from two such established bands. The release will also be the beginning of close collaboration in connection with future concerts.

The project will function under the name EBOLA, which from this date will function as a platform for news, interviews, videoteasers, studioreports, contests, tourplans, photos etc..

Both bands heralds new musical directions and a European release is set to March 21st, 2011.

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von Alex G. 16.11.2010 09:50


von itze meh 16.11.2010 10:59

mit dem letzten album haben as we fight mich ja eher weniger begeistert, wobei ich die älteren sachen mit zum besseren metalcore zähle. mal sehen ob sie wieder land gewinnen können.

von Tobe 17.11.2010 08:14