Hier das Statement der Band:

"After a great 6 years filled with so many wonderful memories Eight Fingers Down has decided to call it quits. Through a series of events that are really not worth mentioning, conflicts have occurred that could not be negotiated and therefore created an environment that made it hard to stay a strong unit of happy musicians. I personally morn for EFD. I loved the band, helped create the band with fellow member Bret Moody, and in the end helped in the disbanding. I hope that everyone remembers EFD for what it was a great and legendary punk rock band.

I want to personally thank everyone whom helped us out throughtout the years especially through trying times. Every couch or floor we stayed on, every refrigerator we raided, every venue we played and every fan we have ever made all across the world. Thank you all so much, without you there would have been no memories to remember.


Mike: Is now playing in a band called Oh No Not Stereo. They will be on tour starting March 7th. He is also working at a reputable business management firm and is in school pursuing a degree in accounting.

Bret: Started a new band called Silence the Witness.

Alan: Is pursuing his side project greatest hits.

Once again thank you everyone and I will see you all again one of these days. If any of you ever need anything feel free to contact me at any time.

Mike Rosenthal
Bassist / Singer"