ENDWELL von Tour ausgeschlossen


ENDWELL wurden aus dem Line-Up der "Mosh Lives Tour" featuring Emmure, On Broken Wings, Recon, Ligeia und After The Burial ausgeschlossen. Die Band hierzu:

"First off, we want to apologize to everyone who was planning on coming out and seeing us on the Mosh Lives tour but unfortunately as of yesterday (Tuesday, May 27th) we have been kicked off of the tour because of a T-Shirt. Yep that's right. Apparently some people can't take a joke. We were stoked for this tour and looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends and playing some fun shows. Without getting into all the details well leave it at this; some of our good friends recieve an email from a certain Tyrant telling them that if we weren't removed from the tour immediately that they would have hell to pay and the outcome was us being asked to leave the tour. We basically drove 30 hours straight to meet up with the tour in Texas and now 2 days later were driving 20 hours back home. It was a good waste of a few hundred dollars in gas.

Needless to say were beyond bummed... either way you guys should still go out and upport the Mosh Lives tour. There are some great bands and it's a great show everynight. We want to thank Recon, After The Burial, Ligeia, Emmure and On Broken Wings for being cool dudes and hopefully well get back out there with a few of you again at some point.

All in all this is just another bump in the road and were not gonna let it slow us down. Our new EP (Revenge Is A Healthy Motive) came out today on Itunes and through our online store. We're heading up to Canada in 2 weeks with our pals in Means and then right after that we head out on a full U.S. tour with Stray From The Path and The Ghost Inside starting in California in July. Can't hold us down... if any hardcore bands are reading this and wanna go on tour hit us up! We're gonna be doin' our full-length at the end of the summer and we're not looking to be home... ever!

You can see the shirt on our blogspot."

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