EVERGREEN TERRACE haben bei Metal Blade unterschrieben. Ihr neues Album soll den Namen " Wolfbiker" tragen und in ihrem Statement hat man sich auch dazu geäußert:

“That's right, no lie. We have officially become part of the Metal Blade Records gang. We chose to get sexed in as opposed to getting beat in - more our style i suppose. We will be recording our first release for Metal Blade in March. The record is called Wolfbiker. I know youre thinking "what the hell does that mean?"

In a sea of bands and an oversaturated market of things dying in December, and bands beneath blood red skies, and bullshit sentence fragment band names and record titles, we decided to keep it simple. Wolfbiker. If you're lucky, you can join the ranks of Wolfbikers everywhere. Sort of a frat/sorority alternative. Or a lifestyle. “