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FIRE IN THE ATTIC haben folgendes Update gepostet:

"Oh yeah!

our new record is done. we recorded 13 tracks in the last 3 weeks here at the famous GERNHART STUDIO and they turned out to be the best we ever did. we are all very proud of the outcome and everything. it still sounds like FIRE IN THE ATTIC and it also sounds very different from our albums so far, we are pretty sure no old fans will be dissapointed and new fans will love this album as much as we do. we've worked hard and did some stuff we never did before like having someone playing accordeon on the two tracks. also our new singer Tom did an awsome job on vocals, he proved himself once again as a singer, musician and, most important, as a friend.

so, what is left to say: we're looking forward for some sweet tours and shows in 2009 which i am not allowed to tell you about right now but just show a little patience and you'll be the first to hear it right from us! we'll tour some countries we haven't been so far and we are really looking forward to that...

well, we wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year, thanks for all the support and love you showed us! i hope to meet a lot of you guys next year on tour!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Dennis, Thomas, Daniel, Richard and Daniel - FIRE IN THE ATTIC

P.S.: watch our studio videos here:


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von Paul 29.12.2008 09:45

wow, ist ja TOTAL der innovative Promotext...sowas hat man ja noch nie von einer band gelesen, die ein neues album rausbringen... "bisher das beste was wir gemacht haben....klingt gaaanz anders aber trotzdem bekannt...neue fans..alte fans..." schnarch

von jaa 29.12.2008 14:55

ich hoffe schwer auf einen ähnlichen effekt wie bei from autumn to ashes! schlechtestes album der band: sänger steigt aus, danach wieder ein super album..wer weiß?