FJORD trennen sich von Sänger


FJORD (Eulogy Recordings) haben sich von Sänger Matt Tarpey (ex-Winter Solstice) getrennt. Die Band hierzu:

"We want to be more of a full-time band. We really want to tour more and get our name out. So we mutually decided that finding another singer was the best way to go. Matt will always be our friend, there is no bad blood. He's talking about going back to school and without a doubt will pop-up later in another band. We appreciate anyone that has shown us support these last couple of years and truly hope we aren't alienating anyone with this decision. We are still booking shows starting in late-July and hope to see you all soon."

Natürlich sucht man derzeit nach geeignetem Ersatz. Bei Interesse einfach hier melden.