FLESHCRAWL arbeiten an neuem Album


FLESHCRAWL haben folgendes Update veröffentlicht:

“We are about to finish the last two songs of the new record. So far everybody is very pleased with the outcome and we are pretty sure this will become an awesome death metal hammer hitting you straight in your fuckin' face!”

“The tentative title of the record is "Structures of Death". I think we will end up having 11 songs. Some titles confirmed are:

- Structures Of Death
- War Of The Dead
- Written In Blood
- Nothing But Flesh Remains
- A Spirit Dressed In Black

More titles to come soon...

We will start recording at the end of April at studio Toninfusion.de, Ulm, Germany. The mix will take place in the beginning of June in Sweden (Studio Underground), whereas the mastering will kick off right after the mix. So far no release date has been set, but it will be announced shortly. Expect another kick-ass cover artwork by Uwe Jarling!”