FOUR YEAR STRONG - Albumdetails


FOUR YEAR STRONG aus Worcester, MA kuendigen fuer den 2. Juni ihr selbstbetiteltes neues Album via Pure Noise an.
Die Platte entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Kurt Ballou (Every Time I Die, Code Orange Kids, High On Fire) in dessen Godcity Studios in Salem, MA.

Frontmann Dan O’Connor zur Platte:

“One of the most raw records we've ever made, it's just us playing. No fancy computer shit. Made for singing along and head banging”.

"Four Year Strong" Track List:
01. Hold Myself In Contempt
02. We All Float Down Here
03. Eating My Words
04. Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead
05. Stolen Credit Card!
06. Gravity
07. Who Cares?
08. Here Is to Swimming with Bow Legged Women
09. I'm a Big, Bright Shining Star
10. The Sound Of Your Heart
11. Go Down In History