FRANK TURNER - neues Album 2013


FRANK TURNER äußerte sich jüngst u.a. zu neuen Albumplänen:

Yeah, well, I've got a ton of songs hanging around right now in various different levels of finished-ness, and I found some gaps in my schedule to go into the studio and I'm not the kind to be sitting around and waiting. I've got more than enough songs for one record but I'm trying to get another whole pile finished to have a large selection to choose from and put the best ones on the record. […] I'm excited about this new record, I think the songs are better than the ones that came before and that's always a good feeling. I'm definitely [the album with Epitaph] again. They're a great bunch of people and I've loved working with them. I'll also still be working with my original label back in England, Xtra Mile Recordings.

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von Torben 09.03.2012 18:28

da freue ich mich!!

von Thorben 10.03.2012 05:24

Da geht mir auch richtig einer ab.