Fall Out Boy – Album geleakt, Statement von Pete Wentz


Das neue Fall Out Boy Album „Infinity On High“ ist geleakt. Pete Wentz hat sich hierzu in einem Statement geäußert:

“As this tour winds to an end in the south- this last two weeks has felt like forever. There have been so many ups and downs... each city was carefully picked for one reason or another. Thank you for taking part in this with us.

On another note our new record has leaked. While this isn't the end of the world it certainly feels pretty terrible. As an artist we have a vision for how we want our record to be presented and this isn't it. It is unfortunate that a couple of vultures in a plant somewhere can ruin this vision so easily. On the other hand we understand what its like to wait and wait for a new record... that's one of the reasons we tried so hard to get a new record out soon. We didn't want our fans to wait. We appreciate those of you who are still waiting, but like I said, we understand those who have to sneak a peek at the presents under the tree the night before. Please remember that as the music industry changes more and more we only put out records so we can keep touring and travelling. We want to keep this going for as long as possible. Obviously your support helps that. Please take this into consideration with whatever decision you make when it comes to downloading the record and buying it when it is released.”