GET DEAD - Unfall auf Tour


Waehrend ihrer US-Tour sind GET DEAD in einen Crash mit ihrem Van geraten. Das Statement der Band ist unten zu finden. Bis auf das verpasste Konzert am Tag des Unfalls sind die Jungs weiterhin unterwegs.

“Yesterday evening we were driving down the 80 listening to Masked Intruder “Stick em up”, coming from Minneapolis, heading towards the next stop on the Fat Wreck Tour 2013 in Omaha. It had been raining pretty bad all day and eventually started snowing. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees in a matter of minutes and the wet road became a black slab of ice. A gust of wind blew our trailer, which caused us to pitch side ways. Our driver Peter tried to regain control, but over corrected and by then it was too late. We were literally outta control and our momentum was too much. We pitched side to side a few times, but we all knew what was coming. Peter and Mike were up front belted in. Tim and Scotty were in the first bucket row belted in. Me and our Roadie Merch Man Drew were in the back seat unbuckled and MOKI was in the bed in the back unbuckled. When Rose (our dearly departed van) started to flip, me and drew latched on to each other and MOKI bear hugged us from behind and we made a lil’ human ball. The van basically did a 360 flip, landing almost into oncoming traffic in the mud of the median. Mike’s seat caught the brunt of the impact collapsing the shotgun seat’s roof.“