GOOD CLEAN FUN – Frontmann gründet Saturday Team Records


GOOD CLEAN FUN Frontmann Issa hat bekanntgegeben, dass er gemeinsam mit seinem dem befreundeten Ken Olden Saturday Team Records gegründet hat. Issa hat hierzu folgendes zu sagen:

“I’ve done various music-business related things over the years…from recording, to producing, and sometimes even putting out records. This has left me with a bunch of recording equipment, some great memories of working with some really cool bands, and a closet full of records.

Over the past couple years I have been working on artist development along with Ken Olden ( Battery, Damnation A.D.). This means that instead of our studio being open to the public, we have just concentrated on working with a select few artists and helping them get signed. Along the way we realized that we had all these great artists and it didn’t make sense to sign them away to other labels. That’s when we decided to start a label of our own. D.I.Y.! A few more established artists have signed on to the label along the way, and things kind of snowballed. The label is called The Saturday Team, and our first few records come out in March/April this year.”

Eine der erste Veröffentlichungen des Labels wird eine Compilation für Peter Young sein, der als Animal Rights Activist derzeit in Kalifornie im Gefängnis sitzt. Weitere Informationen findet ihr auf der Saturday Team MySpace Seite.