GUTTERMOUTH - neue Doppel-LP im Juni



Mit “The Whole Enchilada” verkuenden GUTTERMOUTH aus Orange County ihr neues Doppelalbum-Release fuer den 23. Juni via Rude Records/Bird Attack Records. HIER gibt es bereits ein Announcementvideo mit Frontmann Mark Adkins zu sehen, der folgendes zur Platte zu sagen hat:

“Did you know that on or around this very day, in the year 1893, Giuseppe Verdi's Opera "Falstaff" was first staged at La Scala, in Milan? I bet you didn't!!! I also bet you didn't know that, much like Giuseppe, Guttermouth will be releasing a brand spankin' new live recording, entitled "The Whole Enchilada“. This zesty recording captures the true essence of the Guttermouth "LIVE" show with all the debauchery one has come to expect for these clowns... or us.
Two brand new studio tracks are also included within Guttermouth's magnum opus. "The Whole Enchilada" will be out on June 23rd, 2017.”