HARLOTS - Update zum neuen Album


HARLOTS bereiten sich auf ein neues Album vor. Hier das Statement der Band:

"For the past few months (actually, let's say a year or so) we've been demoing songs back and forth. So far we've done personal recording sessions via a lent digital 8-track from our good friend Kevin Schindel (Twelve Tribes, Mouth of the Architect), a recording session with former bassist and Basilica mastermind Ben S. Jacob, a recording session with As Eden Burns vocalist William Hesser while on tour in Houston TX, a recording session with Asrava guitarist Scott Lashay, and most recently a recording session with former Mouth of the Architect touring guitarist and guitarist of the band The Science Logic, Dan Wilburn. So far we're at about sixteen songs, and we're not quite finished."

Alte Kommentare

von ian [ttr] 26.06.2008 16:59

bin gespannt...betrayer war schon nett.

von faaag 26.06.2008 18:19

betrayer war großartig.. freu mich schon.