HELLIONS - neuer Song im Stream


Mit "Thresher" stellen HELLIONS einen weiteren Song ihres Albums "Opera Oblivia" vor, welches am 29. Juli via UNFD erscheint. Anbei ist der Song der Australier im Stream zu hoeren.

Zu "Thresher" erklaert Gitarrist Matthew Gravolin:

"About Existential disillusionment - the need for constant escape. I had a particularly bad day and opened the floodgates on this one. We were stuck on this track for a while during the writing process, musically it sounded quite sweet so originally I had wanted it to be a love song, but it ended up sounding too sweet and was incongruous with the other songs. After months of being stuck with this lyrically we decided to go in the complete opposite direction and make it as dark as we could lyrically. The contrast between the sentimentality of the music and the rawness of the lyrics made for a much more unique song."