IN FLAMES - Bassist übers DOWNLOAD Festival UK


IN FLAMES Bassist Peter Iwers hat folgende Nachricht auf der offiziellen Website der Band hinterlassen:

"I just got back from [performing at the] Download [festival in England] today and thought I should write a little something. The show on Sunday's [June 11] mainstage was amazing for us. The audience, wow, I'm amazed. We had a really good time and can't wait to come back and play some more for you. Sadly, we only got to play 35 minutes but hopefully if there's a next time that will change.

I watched GUNS N' ROSES for the first time, even though it didn't impress me as much as I would have hoped, their music will always be great and it was cool to experience it live... Much respect to the guitarists, it must be reallly hard filling the shoes of Slash but they did a good job. The rest of the day I had a really good time, hanging with some friends in some other bands and drinking too many beers as usual.

Last week was great at Rock Am Ring/Im Park. The shows were awesome and even though we went up at the same time as the mighty METALLICA, we had a really great turnout, and a lot of fun. I had my daughter with me for those two shows and afterwards we went to Greece for a few days rest. There was supposed to be that show there, but AGAIN it got cancelled — for the third time.... that sucked, but the vacation turned out great so I was OK anyways. I just feel bad for the people that bought tickets..."