IWRESTLEDABEARONCE haben ein bisschen ihr Lineup durcheinander gebracht und so sind John Ganey (Guitarre, Programmieren), Brian Dozier (Bass) und Ryan Pearson (Drums) aus der Band ausgestiegen.

Hier der Kommentar der Band dazu und alles zu den neuen Mitgliedern:

"Being on tour and signing to a label and being poor and living in a van for all of eternity and blah blah isn't for everyone. You've probably noticed that most full-time touring bands go through member changes and... Well... Shit happens... We still love John/Brian/Ryan, but life goes on and iWaBo will continue until we all fall apart or die in an epic van/plane crash!

"That said... we have three new members that you might not recognize from the original lineup and the 'Tastes Like Kevin Bacon' video! After much searching, we feel that we have found the perfect touring/writing lineup and I don't think things will be changing again. First is Mikey on drums… Mikey is a sexual beast and enjoys long walks on the beach as well as spooning. Next is Mim on guitar… she is Krysta's sister and she shreds balls. Period. The end. Anndd finally we have Dave on bass. He is a beast and makes love to the bass like it's an underage Malaysian prostitute."